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We wish you every success with your security alarm and dont hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance whatsoever. Army, pacifics theater engagement strategy white paper our relationships with asian allies and key partners are critical to the future stability and growth of the region. By 2002, pacom was involved in well over 1,000 annual discrete events with other countries armed forces, ranging from conferences and educational presentations through highlevel representational visits by the pacific commander, counterdrug activities, humanitarian assistance. A peaceful, free, and open indopacific is especially vital to our. Army must sustain to ensure strategic success in the operating environment. Aug 21, 2015 washington the united states has spelled out its maritime security strategy so that all nations understand the american position, david shear, the assistant secretary of defense for asianpacific security affairs, said during a pentagon news conference. We will emphasize our existing alliances, which provide a vital foundation for asiapacific security. Institutionalize a coherent, ready, and agile command structure to operate effectively from steady state through conflict. The department of defenses new indopacific strategy. Supporting and integrating theater security cooperation plans i am convinced that the three pillars of the strategy shape, respond and prepare are well chosen and are the right ones for these turbulent and unpredictable times. It also supports dods country security cooperation plancscp, and the pacom theater campaign plan. Security cooperation is a core competency that the u. Even more promising is the asean defense ministers meeting plus admm plus.

It is the oldest and largest of the unified combatant commands. The 2015 national security strategy today, the united states is stronger and better positioned to seize the opportunities of a still new century and safeguard our interests against the risks of an insecure world. Theater campaigns synthesize deployment, employment, sustainment, and supporting operations into a coherent whole. Pacific command overviewstrategypriorities rear admiral. Pacific command said the region is focused on three major threats. China, russia, north korea, and the islamic state of iraq and syria isis. Theater campaign plans defense security cooperation agency. It is incumbent upon geographic combatant commanders to ensure any supporting campaign. Strategy groups enhance pacoms regional understanding, engagement. The indopacific is the department of defenses priority theater.

Achieving this vision requires combining a more lethal joint force with a more robust constellation of allies and partners. Better align engagement strategy under pacom and across dod, including improved. Meanwhile, pacom should extend americas bilateral alliances and partnerships into regional security fora. While pioneers like elon musk hope to one day exploit space for the additional resources required to support a ballooning population on earth. The december 2017 national security strategy outlines five key challenges for the united states, four of which are resident in the indopacific. Feb 28, 20 a successful theater security cooperation strategy or phase 0 concept plan ultimately is con. Theater strategy transnational veos are not only the most direct threat to u. Marketed as the regions preeminent security mechanism, the asean regional forum constitutes a favorable candidate.

Accordingly, it builds peace and prosperity across the pacific region, consistent with growth of developing nations in the theater. Fortunately, a partial answer is provided in the framework of the pacom theater strategy. Pacom strategy public sphere international relations. The national security strategy and the national defense strategy articulate our vision to compete, deter, and win in this environment.

Further examination will identify how pacom strategy supports the joc in. The pacific rebalance is a security, stability, and engagement strategy. Mendel this is an era in which the joint staff is placing new emphasis on joint in teroperability. It sets out the principles and priorities to guide the use of american power and influence in the world. To set the stage for understanding security cooperation in the context of theater strategy, it is important to be familiar with the historical context. We hope you find our comprehensive range of security alarm user manuals useful and of course you can get the pacom user manual by clicking on the link below. Bouchat august 2007 this publication is a work of the u. United states africa command 2018 posture statement. United states indopacific command usindopacom is a unified combatant command of the united states armed forces responsible for the indopacific region. An introduction to theater strategy and regional security clarence j.

Please contact the indopacom theater clearance office for access to usindopacominst 0536. The national security strategy and the national defense strategy articulate our vision to. Buck mckeon national defense authorization act for fiscal year 2015, public law 1291, this report outlines the department of defenses strategy with regard. Advance policy questions for admiral philip davidson, usn. Apr 26, 2017 the regions security partner of choice by working closely with our allies and partners who share our commitment to uphold peace, economic prosperity and security.

Obstacles ranging from passive obstinance to active hostility are vexing efforts by the u. Pacific command implements new strategic guidance focused on the asiapacific region, its commander, navy adm. For dod, strategy is a prudent idea or set of ideas for employing the instruments of national power in a syn chronized and integrated fashion to achieve theater, national, andor. Analyzing and examining this rebalance and usarpacs approach to operations, this. Strategic communication appears in the list of guiding principles and is an area that offers a disproportionate return on investment. First, i will outline some of the specific challenges we face in the indoasia. North korea, chinas interactions in the south china sea, and the islamic state spreading to the philippines. National security objectives in a changing environment. Command tjflcc and endeavors to support the pacom theater campaign plan tcp to include the maritime security line of effort. Pacom not waiting on politics to plan for climate change.

Ensure organizational coherence and a proper command climate exists at uspacom headquarters. Army recent developments in the pacific, including a historic escalation of tensions on the korean peninsula, ongoing issues between china and its neighbors in international waters, and a reevaluation of the relationship between the united states and the philippines, are reminders that the region remains a very volatile political environment. I have made multiple ship deployments to the pacific as well. Africa command utilizes the national security, defense, and military strategies. As the worlds population and economies grow, so does the demand for resources. With allies and partners, usindopacom is committed to enhancing stability in the asiapacific region by promoting security cooperation, encouraging peaceful development, responding to contingencies. Washington the indopacific is the department of defenses priority theater. Pacom annual engineer working group agenda powered by. This document is my assessment of the regional security challenges and opportunities of strategic value.

The following is the department of defense indopacific strategy report, released on june 1, 2019. Plans developed by geographic combatant commands that focus on the commands steadystate activities, which include operations, security cooperation, and other activities designed to achieve theater strategic end states. Just as the threat on the ground evolves, so too does our strategy. Afsat jfcom socom eucom centcom northcom pacom southcom security assistance management manual. Pacom strives to strengthen alliances, build partnerships. The potential of the strategy can best be achieved if we. Increased investments in these imperatives will sustain american influence in the. Maj p blais and ltc clark budget outlooks and infrastructure investment strategies milcon, dpri, mrfdarwin, pta, etc. Defense leaders remain focused on efforts to strengthen relationships and modernize u. An introduction to theater strategy and regional security. Furthermore, usindopacoms role as a guarantor of security in the region has enabled our economic power and allowed our partners and allies to focus on their economic development, which in turn has increased opportunities for u. Yet, one theater commander plans to employ joint forces according to his theater campaign plan, while another, eschewing campaigns. Is pacom preparing for the right security challenges. Security pluralism was formalized in pacoms 1998 united states security strategy for the east asia pacific region, which referred to the array of.

Pacific air forces theater security cooperation as a. It advances a model of american leadership rooted in the foundation of americas. This strategy is the capstone document of cdruspacom. Pacific command to maintain security across the vast asiapacific region. Theater army strategy and the execution of security cooperation activities in support of the geographic combatant. It is a strategy based on partnership, presence, and military readiness. Improving dod planning and guidance security cooperation objectives are the foundation of a system that allows policymakers and planners to assess foreign defense partners, monitor the performance of security cooperation programs, and evaluate their effectiveness. Yet, one theater commander plans to employ joint forces according to his theater campaign plan.

This new national security strategy positions the united states to safeguard our national interests through strong and sustainable leadership. Defense strategy in the indopacific region conducted by the center for strategic and international studies. Analytical report the land component role in maritime security. Locklear iii, is tapping into a pool of expertise within his headquarters here to enhance the commands engagements in. Security cooperation in support of theater strategy. Command pacom theater security strategy and provides interoperable, trained and combatready naval forces to pacom and other u. Another security cooperation enabler is the national guards state partnership program. Official definition of the united states department of the term theater strategy. Aug 01, 2003 cooperative security activities have been an integral component of the u. Over the last 20 years, beijing has undertaken a massive effort to grow and modernize the peoples liberation army pla.

Pakistan srap at the state department and as the deputy director for strategy and policy in the joint staffj5. Andrew holland, a senior fellow for energy and climate at the american security project, a washington, d. To support the above strategic priorities, uspacoms strategy and. Defining strategy at a minimum, strategy should link ends, ways, and means. Pacafs theater security cooperation tsc line of operation loo supplies a.

Pacific command pacom, a unified combatant command of the armed forces of the united states. The command has built a structure of stability throughout the region based on diplomatic and military cooperation with most of the several dozen nations that populate the hemisphere. Military in africa congressional research service 2 19, 2011, included tomahawk cruise missile attacks targeting libyan command and control and air defense facilities. Integrating landpower in the indoasiapacific through. Drive activities in accordance with our strategy, theater campaign plan, and theater. It encompasses about half the earths surface, stretching from the west coast of the u. In accordance with section 1259 of the carl levin and howard p. General ham served as theater commander for the operation, with tactical. Pacific command faces new set of challenges signal magazine. In a young century, opportunities for america abound, but risks to our security remain. I have numerous operations, strategy, and policy tours at major navy headquarters, including two tours on the opnav staff and two tours on the u. Pacific command said hes committed to building on them as he implements the new defense strategy focused on the region. Theater strategy and theater security cooperation tsc are two of the most.

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