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Thease valves are composed of a solenoid operated pilot valve and a pilot operated slave valve. Yuken 005 series m odular valves are designed for use with solenoid operated directional valve having an interface such as yukens dsg005. Relief modular valves mbp protect the hydraulic system from excessive pressure and can be used to maintain constant pressure in a hydraulic system. Remote control relief valves this valve is used as a remote control valve for pilot operated type pressure control valves p age 3 direct type relief valves. Hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors, directional control valves. These are epochmaking solenoid operated directional valves of high pressure, high flow which have. The computeraided design cad files and all associated content posted to this website are created, uploaded, managed and owned by third party users. Manufacturer of yuken pressure control valves bsg062b3ba240n150 yuken pressure control valves, bg03p32 yuken pressure control valves, edg01 proportional relief valves yuken and bsg032b3b yuken pressure relief valve offered by j. In addition to new yuken cylinders we are a full service hydraulic cylinder repair facility.

Knifegate valves should never be used in a restrictive role ie half open as the base of the knifegate will wear rapidly and not seal properly when closed. With the use of these valves, shockless operation either in acceleration or deceleration can be obtained. Yuken dsg 01, sdsg 01 solenoid operated directional valve. For the details, please consult us or your yuken distributors. Various types may be combined for direction, flow rate and pressure control. Uren cartridge type solenoid operated directional valves.

For use with hydraulic fluids other than those listed above, please consult your yuken representatives is advance. High quality hydraulic components piston and vane pumps. Yuken products for every need as a specialized manufacturer of hydraulic equipment, we yuken are trying hard to meet our customers various requirements with a continuous effort to develop new products and improve the existing products. Obtained when yukens applicable power amplifier is used. Take care as the operating force by the manual actuator increases in. Operated by electric signals or when combined with a remote control relief valve, creates a two or three pressure control system for your hydraulics. Yuken hydraulic pressure control valves relief valves. As a common type of onoff solenoid, the hydraulic solenoid for yuken onoff solenoid valves is used for yuken solenoid operated directional valves size 6 and 10.

Yuken solenoid coil is the main part of yuken hydraulic solenoids. Yukens digital panel metre or any indicators obtainable in the market and also can be transmitted into a computer. Piping of the tank line should not be connected to any tank line of the other valves, but connected directly to the reservoir. Cylinder motion control typically involves 4way valves. For use with hydraulic fluids other than those listed above, please consult your yuken representatives in advance.

For the most part nickel plated valves can substitute for standard valves. Hydraulic fluids recommended viscosity and temperatures control of contamination. Yuken sbsg series low noise solenoid controlled relief valves by combining a lownoise pilotoperated relief valve and a solenoid operated directional valve, yuken created a noload pump. Yuken teruya is an artist based in new york and berlin. None japanese standard jis, european design standard and n. For the details, see the table in the following page. Yuken dsg03 solenoid directional control valves specs. I have found at least one case, involving a yuken valve, where. The hydraulic solenoid is the actuator of yuken dsg directional valves. Take care as the operating force by the manual actuator.

Modular valves 01 series modular valves f 01 series modular valves check modular valves model numbers mcp0 mct0 max. Optionomit if not required the coil type numbers in the shaded column are handled as optional extras. Model with proportional pilot relief valve yuken india limited. Were dedicated to making products that broadly and seamlessly blend in with peoples lives by fusing contemporary hydraulics with a broad range of cuttingedge technologies. The pressure and flow of this pump are adjustable and it is suitable for small and light equipment such as machine toll and shoe machine. Each cad and any associated text, image or data is in no way sponsored by or affiliated with any company, organization or realworld item, product, or good it may purport to portray. A complete hydraulic solenoid is consist of a solenoid coil and a solenoid tube assembly solenoid coil is a hollow bobbin winding with a bunch of copper wires. Dsg yuken hydraulic directional control solenoid valves. Of target hydrautech private limited, mumbai, maharashtra. Before you continue reading this article, click below to grab your free yuken hydraulics package.

A varied range of valves, all of which are manufactured to yukens own exacting high standards. Yuken can offer flanged connection valves described below. With 35 years and counting of service we are still the leading hydraulic specialists. Yuken solenoid coil, also known as yuken valve coil, or yuken coil for directional valves. When a solenoid is energized the pilot valve directs the flow to move the spool of the slave valve, thus changing the direction of flow in the hydraulic circuit. In these valves, the nominal size 04 can provide 79. Direct type relief valves dt dg02 pressure controls characteristics installation drawings nominal override characteristics hydraulic fluid. Poppet type directional valves poppet type solenoid operated directional valves jis ljmin dslg0 c 11 dslg0 o n 11 dslgoi 4. If you need a valve not shown, please call or email us d03 valves 5075 psi 120 volt ac 240 available d03 valves 5075 psi 12 volt 12 volt dc 24 available included with valves.

Yuken dealers, directional control valves, mobile control valves, modular control valves, automatic shaving compactors, hydraulic cylinders. The principle is simply a knife or gate which is dropped in front of the flow. Svpf pump is quiet, small, high efficiency, longevity and quick response. Solenoid controlled pilot operated directional valves dshg are composed of a solenoid operated pilot valve and a pilot operated slave valve. Yuken hydraulic products yuken solenoid directional. Like rexroth hydraulic solenoid, the hydraulic solenoid for yuken onoff solenoid valves can be both applied to ac power system and dc power system. Directional valvesdsg03505090 38, subplate mounting the products approved by csa canadian standards association and the products conforming to the low voltage directive 7323 eec amended by 9368eec are also available. For relief valves, lownoise type pilot operated relief valves are used. The dsg03 50 design series solenoid operated directional valves are classified into the two basic models. Wide range of valves including servo, electrohydraulic proportional, and solenoid. Yuken logic valves can be incorporated in manifold blocks to form optimum integrated hydraulic circuits and compact hydraulic power units. Various type of pressure control valves are available, from relief valves to pressure switches, to control the pressure at suitable level in the hydraulic system. Waterglycol fluids cannot be used for two types of solenoid operated poppet type twoway valves.

Yuken dealers, yuken india limited, hydraulic honed tubes, cylinder tubes, cylinder piston rods, chrome. Yuken of japan makes some of the best solenoid valves available theyre common on cnc machines. Brands yuken valves pressure control valves pilot operated relief valves yuken b series pressure control valves. Dsg03 series solenoid operated directional valves 38 solenoid operated directional valves, dsg03 series these are epochmaking solenoid operated valves of high pressure, high flow which have been developed incorporating a unique design concept into every part of the valve including the solenoid. He works with various materials such as toilet paper rolls, paper shopping bags and butterfly chrysalises.

A wide variety of yuken manual valve options are available to you, such as low pressure, high pressure. Knifegate valves come in all sizes and can have manual hand wheels or pneumatic actuators to raise and. We reseal repack cylinders and can repair or replace damaged metal parts. Specially designed nickelplated valves for the mobile industry. To ensure stable control, bleed the air from solenoid completely and fill its iron core with oil. Wide range of models choose the optimum valve to meet your need from a large selection available.

Yuken valves add value to your business because of its originality and more other features such as. Useful in applications under severe water contact or washdown conditions. All books are in clear copy here, and all files are secure so dont worry about it. Uren cartridge type solenoid operated directional valves, limin mpa c. Mseries electric motors hollow shaft electric motors for yuken pumps output of 0. For minimum adjustment pressures and other characteristics, see page 218. No 1547, 47th a cross, 8th block, pin code 560082, bangalore. Yukens multi purpose control valve s are compound valves composed of the main valve having. Home page products valves directional controls valves prefill valve. Yuken hydraulic equipment catalog all world machinery. Hydraulic specialists pumps, valves, controls and systems. Click here to read more about yuken pressure valves. When making replacement of seals or solenoid assemblies, please.

Since our founding, yuken has given much thought to what our customers want and need. Obtained when yukens applicable power amplifier is used under the same conditions. As a leading manufacturer of hydraulic equipment, weve worked to meet expectations across a broad range of industries. These valves, consist of a small size but high performance eh series electrohydraulic proportional pilot relief valve and a low noise type relief valve. Yukens logic valves comprise cartridge type elements and covers with pilot passages.

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