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Rebuild the operating system in the event of a disaster. Hi, i am installing solaris 1009 on a hp proliant dl360 g7 server. I decided i no longer see the sense of burning a dvd to do this. Which answer describes how to utilize this functionality to analyze your systems for available os updates, and also download and install those updates without connecting your server directly to the internet. For most people, the second argument is a little difficult to remember. Solstice disk suite is a part of server edition of the solaris os and is not included with desktop edition. Then init 0 and from the ok prompt type boot cdrom. Once that is done tell solaris what to use for the root device the next time you boot. Command description ps print status and information about active processes pgrep find the process id pid of a process prstat view overall process statistics similar to linux top command preap reap zombie processes pstop temporarily freeze a process prun continue a process that was stopped by pstop command pwait wait for a process to finish. I built the original 250 but they have added several hundred more and i am seeing issues with these boxes that i need to do some verification on. You can do this by shutting the system down using init 0.

In zfs, you can not extend the root pool by adding new disks. Solaris 10 x86 boot menu configuration oracle community. We have an issue in zfs the next generation filesystem as well. Here is the basic solaris interview questions which are commonly asked in solaris l1 or l2 level 1 or l2 interviews.

If solaris partition is selected to boot off, the secondary boot boot. Solaris 10 shutdown, reboot, init, and halt command differences in summary, init and shutdown commands cleanly shutdown the system by running the shutdown rc scripts. You may also be interested in the solaris ready usb faq. I have a working solaris 10 box whose boot disk is using zfs. Solaris svm how to restore a mirrored root configuration. If you not have it then you can download one for free after registration from this address. First of first you need solaris sparc 10 dvd install image.

The a option will ask for configuration information such as where to find the system. Download solaris 10 1009 operating system dvd full for solaris 10 os, sparc, multilanguage. File systems full system recovery solaris file system agent rebuilding the solaris operating system. Im having an issue with booting a clone of hard drive with solaris 8 installation.

The solaris installation completes to 100%, but just after that the following solaris 10 install fails with installboot failed error. How to install boot block in solaris 10 and solaris 11 after mounting the data set, install the boot block using installboot or installgrub. It is advised that you use the latest solaris update image available at the time as the boot image. Ill try to answer your questions about solaris smf. For the boot disk, ensure that the oneway mirrors refer to the side which has been restored. It has been a while since i supoprted solaris boxes. Is the raw device name that represents the location of the grub menu, boot grubmenu. Booting problems poses serious challenge to the system administrators as system is down and no one can use it. Solaris 10 to analyze your systems for available os updates, and also download and install those updates from sun microsystems. But as per sun, they have not mentioned to installboot block. Verify that the boot blocks are installed by rebooting the system to run level 3. But if the system is booted from solaris 10 1008 or later media, it is ok to run the following.

Some architectures only require a single stage bootstrap, which is written to the beginning of the. Wan boot has a lot of enhancements compared to the old installation method via bootp and should be used for network installations if possible. You can also go through the below interface questions on specific category. The openboot prom obp requires a root pool disk with an smi vtoc label. The first step in installing solaris 10 is to boot the machine from disk 1 of the solaris 10 software cds. How to install a boot block on a system disk oracle docs. The second step is to install netbsdalpha disk and cd rom bootstrap software using installboot8. Cant tell more without details on current and wanted setup. How to install a zfs boot block in solaris the geek diary. Wan boot is a new method for installing a machine running the solaris operating system from a solaris jumpstart server over the network.

If you dont have a solaris setup to work,just install solaris as guest operating system on vmware workstations and get a hands on experience. Zfs root pool disk and boot administration summary is as follows. After it receives control, it loads the second stage program from a set of filesystem block numbers that have been hardcoded into it by the installboot program. The secondary boot is capable of reading and booting from a ufs file system on a hard disk or cd, or by way of lan using nfs protocol. Find knowledge base articles by searching for keywords in the title e. The advantage of shutdown is that you can set a shutdown delay and warning message, but its nothing that a echo shutdown is coming wall. When i run the command i believe is correct below i get an error. Installing solaris 10 on sunfire v120 via network boot from linux i have been given a free sunfire v120 server loaded with and old copy of solaris 9.

To eliminate these kind of situations,its better to keep. Package names that are nonbold andor with no version number, are not currently available for this version of solaris. The following example installs the boot block on a sparcstation 10. Using wan boot from a hard disk on a system running. Guys, i have a rusty question that i need help with.

The boot menu lets me select between the windows partition and the solaris partitions but it defaults to the s10 one. This article tries to cover some of the general booting problems and their possible solutions to enable understand the problem cause and bring the system up very quickly. Solaris 10 how to access svm root disk from fail safe cdrom boot by ramdev published february 15, 2014 updated july 2, 2015 this procedure explains the steps required to access a root filesystem under svm, during the situation when the solaris cannot boot in normal way and it require to boot from failsafe or cdrom. Solaris, unlike some other operating systems, does not ship with a method for creating bootable recovery media.

From solaris 10 10 08 update6 bootblk was changed, corresponding zfs boot. In this case, the user installs the solaris ia software on the intel platform and. For more information, see installgrub1m verify that the boot blocks are installed by rebooting the system to run level 3. I have several hundred solaris systems running sol 8 and sol 10. Installing solaris 8 bootblock without solaris install cd unix and. Id like to add another hard drive and mirror this boot drive. Solaris 10 how to access svm root disk from fail safe. Lius blog as an inspiration, but the following is what i have found worked well to boot an install image located on a usb disk. Install boot required in svm unix and linux forums. Solaris 10 wanboot installation or solaris 10 installation. The following procedure is one that ive been able to devise after searching for more help on the matter. End user access command center commcell disaster recovery client recovery full system recovery.

I would like to boot windows every time unless i specifically tell it otherwise but if i mark the win partition active, i lose the boot menu the s10 partition needs to be active. Either wait for solaris 10 dfs aka zfs or backup your existing partitions, resize you slices and or your fdisk partitions and restore the whole data. Here is a convenient procedure to know for solaris 8 and below. Since solaris 10 1008 update6 the boot archive feature was implemented into solaris 10 for sparc. For solaris 10 zfs sparc hosts, you do not need to install the boot block manually. The common syntax of boot command is solaris sparc system is. You should type console f to attach the real solaris host. For sparc systems, the installboot command is used to install the boot block to a disk. Some of the details in this paper may change without notice. If you cannot boot the system, you need to copy bootblk on root, not madia.

If all that was preventing the full boot was the bootblock being corrupt, then you should be able to take the system down and just boot. In oracle solaris 10, after adding the mirror disk, you need to write the boot block to the mirror disk by using the installboot command. Solaris 10 install fails with installboot failed error. When the system is configured with solaris volume manager svm root mirror then attention is necessary if using the failsafe boot boot f. No need to install boot block on the mirrored hdd, i have tested the same on solaris 10, v240. For an example,if you are having more than one harddisk in root zpool, loss of one disk result be unbootable system. The post discusses about how to install zfs boot block on a system running a zfs root. Boot command of boot sw should boot off the miniroot, not a cdrom device, into single user mode with write capability. This is in an area of the slice that the ufs fs doesnt use, but that disksuite still. How to install a boot block on a system disk oracle. Solaris 10 shutdown, reboot, init, and halt command. The exact process used depends on the system architecture, however there is generally a primary bootstrap often known as a boot block and a secondary bootstrap often known as a boot loader.

This paper describes the boot architecture for the solaris 10 106 operating system on x86 platforms, as well as the user experience. Hi all, i have unbootable solaris 10 x86 installed on zfs root file system. On the sparcs, installboot causes the boot loader to be copied to consecutive sectors starting at sector 1 on the applicable media. The following example shows how to install the boot block on a ufs root file system. Zfs root pool disk and boot administration transitioning. The solaris boot command when used with various optional parameters will change the booting behavior. Installing solaris 8 bootblock without solaris install cd for cloning process i have used g4l, running under clicknclone option.

When the system boots from disk, you will then go through the system configuration as above, after which you have a working solaris 11 system with its package repo configured. In order to install a new zfs boot block, you need to first boot from dvd, network or the failsafe image on the system. However, popular packages are updated frequently and by subscriber request, more up to date packages may be also be present for other versions of solaris. Usually after a partition recovery, i use it to install a servers or workstations boot block. The boot command without any arguments will boot the system into multiuser mode by default. If you are recovering the root file system, create the boot blocks on the root partition by using the installboot command. The boot block is installed during the boot environment activation process.

If your os is update5 before, it may be failed for boot to copy bootblk of install mediaupdate6 later. Verify the boot blocks are installed by rebooting the system to run level 3. Make sure the order is correct so that mirrors arent created until the submirrors. Solaris sparc boot sequence the following represents a summary of the boot process for a solaris 2. From solaris 10 1008 update6 bootblk was changed, corresponding zfs boot. Installing solaris 8 bootblock without solaris install cd. The problem is that this server no longer has the internal dvdcdrom drive any more. How to install boot blocks for a zfs root fs rpool. Installing solaris from a usb disk oracle the good, the. If replacing a root pool disk with zpool replace, apply boot blocks manually, as follows. As far as i know the actual operation ran behind g4ls interface was dd, though i do not have any information about the exact command that was ran i presume it was common. Example to update the boot archive via failsafe boot on.

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