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Pay it forward class project newly updated this is a great tool to use for an intermediate elementary or middle school class meeting or service project. After watching a clip about pay it forward, split up the class into small groups and. I would ask students to take 2 minutes and draw a visual of this process. A very good website that offers all sorts of lesson plans and ideas for kindness is. Lets continue with some really beautiful and selfless ways you can pay it forward. This activity can be done schoolwide or in individual classrooms. Following that is a simplified list of movies that didnt make the top but are worth checking out. Pay it forward is an excellent concept to teacher youth of today. Several years ago the movie pay it forward was released. This is a discussion around would could happen and what students think would happen if they tried to pay it forward. Teach your students the beatitudes using the movie pay it forward.

Do something nice for someone and ask nothing in return other than they do something nice for someone else. Some of them may work well as a short video clip to use in your math classroom. The classroom glasser 1990 considers that if the student is choosing positive behaviours above misbehaving that they should be feeling fulfilled. Sep 08, 2014 in 2000, there was a movie out that really affected anyone that saw it it was called pay it forward. It is set in las vegas, and it chronicles 12yearold trevor mckinneys launch of a goodwill movement known as pay it forward. Then they brainstorm issues and campaigns they can address to make an impact that ripples forward as a result of their. Part of the beauty of this initiative is that it doesnt have to cost a cent. There is a plethora of material there for assignments and discussion, suitable for english studies, drama, ethics class, philosophy class etc. They compare the concept of paying it forward serial reciprocity with the work of martin luther king, jr. Identify and explore ideas and viewpoints about events, issues and characters represented in texts drawn.

The questions cover the characters and the development of the plot. Search hundreds of movies organized by subject that twm recommends as the best of the best in meeting curriculum standards while. Ways to teach kids to pay it forward weareteachers. Its a good idea to tell your students a little bit about the movie before starting it, giving them key information about the plot, main characters and some of the different places around the world they will experience. If you want to download you have to send your own contributions. I am not suggesting you have to open your heart and close your mind to enjoy this film. They explore the issue of social responsibility and respond to various questions about the film. Heres a free pay it forward movie guide and unit study for teens. Pay it forward is a 2000 american drama film directed by mimi leder. The movie opens with one of those offtheshelf hostage crisis scenes that ends with a criminal. Heres a free pay it forward movie guide and unit study. From the classroom since early 2015 we have provided more thousands of copies of the pay it forward young readers edition to schools and communities across the united states.

Clip from the movie pay it forward clip demonstrating the pay it forward philosophy after watching a clip about pay it forward, split up the class into small. We plan on doing this with the wonder movie, reading the book, and then use these wonder movie activities, book activities, and wonder book lesson plans to supplement our learning. Be sure to download these free sustainability posters as another way to teach your students to pay it forward. Welcome to esl printables, the website where english language teachers exchange resources. This book is now being transcribed into other languages spreading the lessons around the globe.

Ask them if they want a coffee or a pizza slice of the restaurant they sit next to. Our guides and lesson plans show teachers how to stress these messages and make them meaningful for young audiences. What would happen if we all took the challenge to think of an idea to change our world then put. I often have a student who raises their hand to tell me that the kindness would go out of our classroom into another classroom. This assignment is thought provoking and requires a few weeks to plan and put into action. In the movie pay it forward, a student, trevor, comes up with an idea that he thought could change the world. And, the wonder movie discussion questions and the book provides a range of topics plenty to keep you busy. Find out more about one boys idea in this lessons summary of the 2000 film pay it forward, including some quotes from the movie and what it means to pay it. The goal of the this movie pay it forward, in the title is very clear that the detractor want to pass down the idea of pay it forward. Through intrinsic motivation, a student can feel sense of selffulfilment if they cannot get a sense of belonging and acceptance from. The detractor want to tell us that anyone can do anything to contribute to the world, make the world perfect. The film is based loosely on the novel of the same name by catherine ryan hyde.

This is not a debate with a correct or even predictable result, it is a chance to spend about 5 minutes sharing ideas around the concept of paying it forward. Social responsibility lesson paying it forward film. Simple pay it forward ideas for kids, family and friends. In this lesson, students define pay it forward and watch a movie or movie clips from the movie pay it forward. Lesson planning articles timely and inspiring teaching ideas that you can apply in your classroom. Adult movie with an amazing theme of pay it forward, something ive noticed in life at times with strangers that were noble and honorable. Senior students could view the film pay it forward day.

In this lesson, students watch the film paying it forward and think about whether or not 1 idea can really change the world. Even a drug dealer can save life, even a seven grader can have an impact to the world. The pay it forward movie guide for teens and adults june 26, 2017 by erin d if youre looking for a night with an interesting movie, time with your teenager, and lots of discussion, youll want to grab this free pay it forward movie guide, break out the popcorn, and spend an evening or several looking at how we can help others. Pay it forward provides ohio state students with regular, easilyaccessible service opportunities on campus and in the columbus community. You can also complete them for homework between the two days but they should be complete by the time we finish watching the movie. My favourite scene from my favourite movie, pay it forward. In january, i invitedchallenged the facebook readers of busy kids happy mom to pay it forward. Our collection is growing every day with the help of many teachers. No matter the grade or subject you teach, getting students in on the movement to pay it forward may be among the best ways you can pay it forward as a teacher. In little ways, in big ways, in ways we wont ever know or cant even. Paying it forward helps 4th graders gain respect for others. The following comments will be helpful in putting the payitforward concept into perspective and deriving the most benefit from the movie. In 2000, there was a movie out that really affected anyone that saw it it was called pay it forward. The basic premise of this movie was that if you did a good deed for someone and asked them to do three randomly good deeds for someone else, then you could change the world for the better.

Jul, 2015 i wrote this as a reflection piece for a course on transformative coaching i am taking up. A film of surprising majesty mainly because of its sincerity to convey the tale of a young american high school student, touchingly and masterfully played by the then 12yearold haley joel osment, who, at the instigation of his new teachers challenge to the class, comes up with a beautiful and simple plan to make a difference in the world, involving doing a good turn. Trevor haley joel osment is a student who shares with the class his plan to change the world. There are so many things you can do for a homeless person. You may want to brainstorm ideas for good deeds at home or in the community. Encourage students to do something kind for another person and share their experience in a writing log. Simonets classroom vocabulary and some from the what the director says during first forty minutes of the directors commentary version found in special features.

The movie intercuts between the predictable progress of the romance and the uncertain progress of trevors pay it forward scheme. The story trevor mckinney haley joel osment is an elevenyearold who lives in las vegas with his workingclass mother, arlene helen hunt, who is a recovering alcoholic. Possible activities for pay it forward week middle school. Keep it supersimple and just get the idea into the air by making a class list of ways to pay it forward or what it means to be kind. In this change the world lesson plan, they view a clip from a movie such as pay it forward and then choose their own way to change the world. Find pay it forward lesson plans and teaching resources. Calling all angels if you want to do your part to help change the world, you must see this movie and then begin to follow the intelligent and introspective plan of young trevor mckinney. Students think of a way to change the world and write a descriptive paragraph about it. Each film recommended by contains lessons on life and positive moral messages. You will be quizzed on your familiarity with specific. Everyone has their own unique job to help fulfill the following mission, vision, and goals. This would culminate in the students organising their own pay it forward day activities by looking up suitable websites or reading the pay it forward website. In the movie, a 7th grade class is challenged by their teacher to think of an idea to change the world and act on it. Multiple choice like a scavenger hunt, your students randomly discover tasks to perform for you to earn the clue for the next task.

After the clip shows, i would ask students to rephrase what it means to pay it forward and outline the discussion on the board. Below is a great example from the movie pay it forward. I explain to the students how this is often called pay it forward. The novel from which the movie was made, pay it forward, by catherine ryan hyde, is fun to read for those who liked the movie. Ive compiled a list of great inspirational movies with important life lessons to learn.

Pay it forward, a novel guide for the young readers edition by catherine ryan hyde. Use this as a read aloud to celebrate pay it forward day, on april 30 the internationally bestselling book that inspired the pay it forward movement is now available in a middlegrade edition and it is so great. Get started pay it forward writing project lisa kihn. Sometimes we help someone in the neighborhood or a stranger, and we hope that people elsewhere may do the same for our relatives, friends or yep even strangers. Twm offers the following worksheets to keep students minds on the movie and direct them to the lessons that can be learned from the film. Glasser 1990 considers that if the student is choosing positive behaviours above misbehaving that they should be feeling fulfilled. Brainstorm as a classroom community exactly how we will do our part to pay it forward. This 6 page movie guide with handouts accompanies the film pay it forward 2000.

This worksheet has students using technology to look at how famous individuals also do random acts of kindness or pay it forward in different communities around the world. The first pages have prompting questions for students that require thoughtful responses in creating a pay it forward mindset. It is the opening clip from the movie pay it forward. Film study worksheet for a work of fiction general movie worksheet designed to get students thinking about movies as stories that employ the elements and devices of fiction, this movie worksheet can be used for notetaking during breaks while watching a film. He believed that before long there would be good things happening to billions of people. Pay it forward runs 123 minutes and is rated pg for mature thematic elements including substance abuserecovery, some sexual situations, language, and brief violence. This efl lesson plan is designed around a short film commissioned by thai communication provider truemove h and the themes of giving, kindness and the pay it forward movement. See more ideas about pay it forward, kindness projects and kindness quotes. Use this lesson plan to help you explain the concept to students.

Facing history and ourselves is an organization that works to instill intellectual vigor and curiosity in the worlds secondary school students, by providing ideas and tools that support the needs of teachers. Pay it forward is an emotional film, it will make you cry but that does not make it corny. The class used the money to send pay it forward packs to third grade classes at other local elementary schools around the finger lakes region. All you need do is not close yourself off to your soul, because mimi leders film. Jan 06, 2012 this worksheet can be used when watching the film pay it forward a brilliant film about rights and responsibilities great for year 98. Students predict a story, watch a short film, talk about giving and discuss quotes about kindness. An excellent social justice movie to watch with your students and then follow up assignment. Independent, critical thinking is at the heart of a free society, and adolescence is the time to develop those skills. Inspired by the book and movie pay it forward, it involves people. Called paying it forward, trevors plan is to start a chain where. This covers the first forty minutes of the movie 00. You will be quizzed on your familiarity with specific characters and plot points in. In the past, ive blogged about the importance of service learning in the classroom and the positive outcomes of. The more they talk about it, the more they will be ready to work on.

Although these are all swoonworthy items that anyone would look forward to, the real heartwarming deeds are the ones we give from the heart without expecting anything in return. There is a plethora of material there for assignments and discussion. I told them that i would send out a small gift to the first 5 people who commented, as long as they agreed to do the same for 5 more people. Answer questions in this quizworksheet combo to assess your knowledge of the 2000 movie pay it forward. Pay it forward challenge start off the year in a loving way. Pay it forward is a student cohort within the office of student life, made up of 22 students on 6 different committees. One famous example from the past was the famous american, benjamin franklin, who in 1784 lent money to a man on the condition that. To get a little more insight into what pay it forward means. Pay it forward in schools real life examples southwestern college united states after watching the movie pay it forward the class was split up into 10 groups and were instructed to find some way to pay it forward to the community and then present their projects to the class a month later. Pay it forward class project pay it forward, class. In fact, you might want to grab both movies and compare the two for a powerful life lesson. Students can compare the characterizations, the examples of pay it forwardism, and the endings. Part 1 here we have 20 comprehension questions in chronological order. He decides to do a good deed for three people and then each of the three people would do a good deed for three more people and so on.

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